Second Hand Saturday


Second Hand Saturday 2019

Council is currently reviewing the Second Hand Saturday program. A decision is expected in the coming months, updates will be provided once finalised.

Second Hand Saturdays are giant community garage sales that are supported by Council. Second Hand Saturday gives residents the opportunity to sell unwanted items for some extra cash. It reduces the amount of waste going to landfill, by facilitating reuse of the things that are no longer needed and promoting community spirit. Second Hand Saturday brings together people in the neighbourhood and from outside the area in the hunt for a bargain.

For sellers

Give your unwanted goods a second lease on life. Hold a garage sale on Second Hand Saturday to turn your unwanted items into treasure.

All registered participants will receive a Second Hand Saturday Pack containing posters, price signs for attracting attention. Additional price signs can be downloaded and printed if required. The addresses of registered participants will be advertised on the Council website. In the week leading up to each one, the Second Hand Saturdays will be listed in the Inner West Courier classifieds – depending on how many registrations are received participating addresses will be listed in the ad or there will be a link to the Council website which will list the addresses. For your Garage Sale to be included in the advertised listings, you must register by the closing dates below:

What area do I belong to?

See the Second Hand Saturday Area Map at the bottom of the page to find out which area your home is in.

How do I register?

To register your garage sale for the Second Hand Saturday in your area in the following ways:

  • Register online here
  • Contact Burwood Council on 9911 9911 and speak to our Customer Service staff
  • Print and complete a registration form that can be emailed back.

After your garage sale, if you have any unsold but useable items these can be given to local charity organisations or giveaway websites such as the Freecycle network (see and join Central Sydney Group). You can also dispose of unsold items through your scheduled household Clean Up Service .

Information sheets and documents:

  1. SecondHand Saturday - Area 3 -
    SecondHand Saturday - Area 3
  2. SecondHand Saturday - Area 1 -
    SecondHand Saturday - Area 1
  3. SecondHand Saturday - Area 2 -
    SecondHand Saturday - Area 2
  4. SecondHand Saturday - Area 4 -
    SecondHand Saturday - Area 4
  5. SecondHand Saturday - Area 5 -
    SecondHand Saturday - Area 5
SecondHand Saturday