Plastic Bags

A wider range of plastic bags and plastic films can now be recycled through your local supermarket.

Find out more about what you can now recycle.

Its well known that we should avoid plastic bags because they are not good for the environment. While we all try to use our ‘green bags’ whenever we can, there are times when we just can’t help using plastic and so much of our food staples come in plastic bags too. The trouble with plastic bags is that we can’t put them in the yellow recycling bin - the sorting facilities just can’t deal with them yet.

The good news is that many retailers and manufacturers are now taking responsibility for all the plastic they are generating. Soft plastic recycling facilities are now available at Coles and Woolworths in Burwood Westfield and Woolworths in Burwood Plaza. Coles currently accepts a larger range of plastics (all soft plastics including shopping bags, green bags, biscuit and pasta packets) while Woolworths accepts all soft plastics with a bit of stretch (eg. shopping and fruit bags). 

For more information, on the new plastic recycling facilities at Coles, see Recycling Near You.

Tips for shoppers
- Try saying ‘no thank you’ to plastic bags
- Remember to take your reusable shopping bag with you
- Support your local retailers who have moved from plastic bags to alternatives such as calico bags
- Collect your plastic bags and platic film that you can't recycle at home and take back to the store for recycling
- Don’t use a plastic bag for fruit and vegetables that come in their own natural packaging

For retailers
- Encourage staff to ask customers if they need a plastic bag
- Provide an alternative to plastic bags. For help in choosing suitable alternatives, see the Bag Selector and list of suppliers on the No Plastic Bag website:
- Show your commitment to phasing out plastic bag use in your shop by signing the Australian Retailers Association Code of Practice for Plastic Bags.

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    Plastic bags are a form of packaging that is often not essential to product integrity. A study conducted by the Environment Protection Authority 2003 found that 94% of Australians considered that the current use and disposal of plastic bags are a problem to the environment...

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