Illegal dumping and shopping trolleys

Dumping is illegal and offenders will be fined. If you witness illegal dumping, please call Council immediately on 9911 9911 (24 hrs). 

What is illegal dumping?

Illegal dumping can be as small as a few bags of rubbish or household items dumped on the footpath or as large as a truck load of waste materials in isolated areas. All kinds of waste are illegally dumped. In our area, the most common waste that is illegally dumped is household waste - old TVs, furniture and mattresses and other household items. Illegal dumping is highly visible pollution and costs Council money.  

Who is illegally dumping waste?

  • Householders placing unwanted items on footpaths or back lanes in the hope that someone will take them or council will remove them.
  • Shop owners placing commercial waste beside or into public street bins. Commercial operators who have been paid to dispose of waste but choose to dump waste.
  • Businesses and householders who transport and dump their own waste on public or private land that is not licenced to receive waste.
  • Builders and contractors who dump construction and demolition waste or hazardous materials such as asbestos and chemicals.

How do I report abandoned shopping trolleys?

Every month Council removes 400 shopping trolleys from our streets. If you see an abandoned shopping trolley in the street please contact one of the following numbers depending on the owner of the trolley:

  • Trolley Tracker (Woolworths trolleys) - 1800 641 497
  • Coles (Coles trolleys) - 1800 876 553

If you see someone abandoning a shopping trolley please report the incident to Council. People caught abandoning a shopping trolley can be issued with an infringement notice.

What is Council Doing about illegal dumping?

Council encourages residents to Dob in a Dumper. 

When residents report illegal dumping, Council Rangers investigate the dumping. If the source can be identified, the person is issued with a Penalty Infringement Notice and Clean Up Cost Notice.If the dumped waste poses a threat to public health and safety it is removed immediately, otherwise it remains there until the investigation is complete.

What should I do with things I can't put in the bin?

Use the Clean Up Service provided by Burwood Council. All households are offerred 2 free Clean Ups each year (one scheduled and one phone in). Additional Clean Ups can be booked for a fee.