Residential Waste Services

Burwood Council supports the concept of a sustainable waste management system and endeavours towards achieving sustainable waste practices. Council strives to achieve customer satisfaction, and health and environmental standards for waste management.

Burwood Council offers its residents:

  • A 120 litre bin with a red lid for household waste, collected weekly.
  • A 240 litre bin with a yellow lid for recyclables collected fortnightly. This bin is collected on the alternate week to the garden vegetation service. Only two bins are ever placed out at the same time.
  • A 240 litre bin with a green lid for garden vegetation collected fortnightly. This bin is collected on the alternate week to the recycling service. Only two bins are ever placed out at the same time.
  • One scheduled clean up service and One annual on-call clean up service per calendar year. 

Clean Up Guidelines

  Council offers two annual clean up services to every household.

 1. Scheduled Clean Up: 

§   Council sets the clean up date and residents will be advised via letterbox drop two weeks prior to their set clean up date.

2. Booked Clean Up:

§   Each household is able to call Customer Service on 9911 9911 or complete the online booking form on the website to arrange one clean up at during the year (excludes Public Holidays).

Please read the following conditions for using the Clean Up service:

§   For any collection Council will ONLY take up to 1.5 cubic metres of material which is equivalent to a small box trailer load. Any more than this and Council will provide you with a quotation to remove the materials.  

§   Always put material for collection OUTSIDE your property on the nature strip or verge. Material must be placed neatly and close to the gutter. It must be placed so as to NOT obstruct pedestrian access.

§   Materials must be placed out the night BEFORE the collection date.

  Material NOT Accepted  

§   Food waste and general household rubbish  

§   Green waste (garden vegetation)

§   Building or construction materials including soil and rocks

§   Car parts 

§   Hazardous or dangerous materials including gas cylinders, medical waste and materials containing asbestos

§   Objects too heavy or too large to be handled by the collectors

§   Electronic waste (e-waste) items such as TV’s, computers and accessories. Council offers regular e-waste drop-off days to all residents at the Council Depot in Kingsbury Street, Croydon Park. For information on accepted items and drop-off dates please refer to the website or phone Customer Service on 9911 9911.

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