Works on Council Property


Working on Council property?


Please note: Permits for activities will not be issued from 22 December 2017 to 2 January 2018. 

Do you plan on undertaking works outside your property? Many people dealing with Council undertaking works on Council's road reserve are doing so for the first time. This section will provide you with clear guidelines on what is required before you can commence works. 

As the authority responsible for local infrastructure, Council is obliged to maintain roads and footpaths in a safe state for everyone to use. 



All hoardings constructed on or over public domain areas require approval from Council and payment of a fee as scheduled in the fees and charges for the period. Click on the link to view the Hoarding Information Sheet.



Council has adopted provisions for the management of trees within the LGA. Click on the link to view the Tree Information Sheet.


Restoration and road opening

Before any asset on Council’s roads reserve is opened for any lawful purpose by a plumber, drainer, builder or any other person, a permit in respect of such openings shall be obtained from Council.

Those who damage underground pipes of cables networks may be held financially responsible by the asset owner. Minimise your risk and visit Dial Before You Dig.

When you contact Dial Before You Dig, you will be sent a Caller Confirmation listing of all Dial Before You Dig members having underground assets in the vicinity of your proposed excavation.

Burwood Council Drainage Pipe and Pit data can be accessed by using the Interactive Online Mapping System or by viewing a Map PDF. 


Temporary anchors

Temporary anchors are required to shore bulk excavations. The anchors, as the name implies are temporarily installed as per designer’s and/or manufacturer’s instructions. The anchors are eventually de-stressed after permanent lateral structural supports have been constructed. A Permit shall be obtained from Council prior to installation of anchors in Council’s controlled land for which Fees and refundable Holding Deposit (in the form of Bank Guarantee) are applicable.  


Vehicular crossings

A vehicle will only be permitted to cross between the road pavement and private property on a properly constructed vehicular crossing approved by Council, and constructed to Council’s specifications.

Constructing drainage connections to Council Drains

These works are to be in accordance with Council’s Stormwater Management Code and the requirement for a road openings permit also applies. Where roof water connections for residential properties are to connect to the kerb, such connections are to be within the frontage of the property. These works are to be carried out by a licensed plumber or builder only.

Work zones: Works adjacent to roads and retaining walls

Where earthworks will alter ground levels of a property adjacent to the road reserve, approval will be required from Council to ensure that support for the road is not undermined or a risk of collapse onto the road of any embankment. Generally a retaining wall will be required if a change in ground level is approved. Details of such structures will be subject to a building application. For information regarding works adjacent to roads refer to Councils Works Zone Policy located on Councils website under

Skip bins: Waste containers on the road (not within the property)

Known as rubbish skips or bulk waste containers, not including normal domestic waste containers collected as part of Council’s regular waste collection service.



You can make payments online for works on Council property.

Click here to make a payment.


Forms, policies and fact sheets

Below are the relevant policies for when working outside your property. Please read these documents prior to undertaking any work.