Planning Proposals

What is a Planning Proposal?

The Burwood Local Environmental Plan 2012 (BLEP) is the statutory land use planning legislation for the Burwood LGA.

If you wish to amend the BLEP, a planning proposal must be submitted to Council for consideration, followed by submission to the State government for approval.

Link to Burwood Local Environmental Plan 2012

A planning proposal is a legal planning process. If approved, it may amend the zoning, heights, floor space ratio, permissible land uses or other provisions of the BLEP.

Link to more information on the Department of Planning, Industry and Environments website


How do I apply?

A planning proposal needs to include some very detailed information. To ensure your application is comprehensive Council strongly recommends you engage a qualified planning professional to prepare your proposal. Your planner can advise you about the specialist advice necessary to support the planning proposal.


Pre-Planning Proposal Meeting

Council is able to provide advice on the application in a pre-planning proposal meeting. There is a fee for this meeting.


Planning Proposal Application

Planning proposals must be prepared in accordance with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s a guide to preparing planning proposals.

Link to a guide to preparing planning proposals


How much does it cost?

The fees for a planning proposal application covers assessment, reporting, community notifications, State agency consultation, documentation for the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, review of submissions and progression of the planning proposal to finalisation.

Please refer to Council’s fees and charges information

Please note that planning proposal fees are not refundable.