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Building A Better Burwood Booklet - Building A Better Burwood Booklet
Building A Better Burwood Booklet
Regional Crime Prevention - Regional Crime Prevention
Regional Crime Prevention

Building a Better Burwood

Building a Better Burwood is a new safety resource, designed by various departments at Burwood Council. The resource has been developed to assist the community in understanding safety and environmental concerns within the Burwood Local Government Area.  Some of the topics covered in the resource include safety around schools, car safety, pedestrian safety, car theft, learner drivers, illegal dumping, water pollution, litter, safety in public spaces, bag snatches, public transport tips, personal safety audit sheet and who to contact.

The new safety resource has been designed for everyone to enjoy and learn about safety in the community, filled with practical advice and tips on ways to keep safe. To obtain a copy of the booklet, scroll to the bottom of this screen to download a copy or contact Burwood Council on 9911 9911 to have a copy posted to you.

This resource is Burwood Council initiative made possible by NRMA Community Safety Grant and developed in partnership with NSW Police, NSW Fire Brigades and NSW Roads and Traffic Authority.

Burwood Business Safety

Burwood Council works with local business owners to assist in creating a safe work environment through the promotion of crime prevention. When a safe work environment is promoted anecdotal evidence suggests that worker productivity is higher, production is better and insurance premiums are lower. By adhering to the following general business safety tips, you can take the first important steps in business crime prevention:

Preventing Robbery

How your business handles cash is vital in promoting a safe work environment for staff and customers:

  • Clear excess cash frequently and randomly from cash registers, change your cash handling procedures frequently e.g. times
  • Don’t count cash in public view, always do securely behind closed doors
  • Leave your cash register open and empty after closing, this shows people there is no money on premises after closing
  • The customer service area should be visible from the street, promoting natural surveillance
  • When depositing money at the bank, don’t carry money in a marked bag

Alarms and locks are important in securing the building and creating safe spaces

  • Fit electronic seniors that emit a sound when someone leaves or enters the premises
  • Use high quality deadlocks, safes and alarm systems
  • Place panic alarms near the cash register and store room where they can be activated safely

Windows and doors are important entry and exit points which need to made secure by:

  • Lighting the inside and outside of the premises, especially around windows and doors to highlight use
  • Window displays and store fittings in businesses show not obstruct the inside of the store from outside view
  • Make sure staff only areas are clearly marked “STAFF ONLY” with doors that are locked and can be only access by staff e.g. pin pad

Store design and lighting should be considered when designing your store to maximise crime prevention by:

Limiting the height of shelves or displays, in order to create clear lines of sight for staff to view the premises at all times

  • Evaluate the layout of your store, making sure that all blind spots are removed
  • Identify possible hiding spots and install movement detectors and lighting, ensuring that movement is highlighted

CCTV Register


The CCTV Register is an initiative of the NSW Police Force. The database has been established to record the location of closed circuit television (CCTV) camera systems, and other related information, across the state.

CCTV footage has become an important investigative tool for police. It is regularly used to investigate and solve crimes. The problem to date has been knowing where these cameras are located. The objective of the NSW Force is to establish an accurate and comprehensive register that identifies the location of as many CCTV systems across that state.

This CCTV Register will assist NSW Police in gathering evidence when a crime is committed in your area. Police will use the Register information to contact your business and request footage that may be vital to solving crime.

You can register or provide updates to your previous registration in two ways:

  1. Online via the NSW Police Force Internet site http://www.police.nsw.gov/cctv_register.
  2. Manually via a ‘CCTV Register Registration Form’.  A blank registration form has been attached for your convenience.  Completed forms can either be faxed to the number appearing on the form or handed in to the Crime Prevention Officer at your local police station.

Regardless of which option you choose, completing the form should take no more than 5-10 minutes.
Please note, all data will be stored in a secure database owned and operated by the NSW Police Force. Authorised officers will be able to access the Register for law enforcement purposes only.

Your information will NOT be provided to third parties.

Having access to accurate information is critical to any police investigation and with your help we can reduce crime and have a safer community.

If you have questions in relation to the CCTV Register, please don’t hesitate to contact the VIEW Unit on ph. 02 88357828 or email CCTV@police.nsw.gov.au.

Regional Crime Prevention


Burwood Council understands that effective crime prevention cannot be done in isolation but requires multiple community stakeholders to come together in collaboration to work in partnership towards creating a safer community. This resource was produced in partnership with NSW Police, Auburn City Council, City of Canada Bay Council and Strathfield Council as a regional campaign to get community members thinking about their safety when travelling.

Burwood/Canada Bay Liquor Accord

What is the Accord?


An accord is a written agreement between individuals and organisations to support each other of work together on an issue of shared concern.

The Accord is a voluntary and pro-active that works with legislation relating to responsible service of alcohol created to support licensed premises without the need to resort to regulation and enforcement in creating a safer community.

Why does Council support the Liquor Accord?

Burwood LGA is home to approximately 31,000 people being a major transport hub with a combination of retail and commercial premises with mass numbers of commuters passing through the Burwood CBD daily. Burwood Council has a commitment to working in conjunction with local partners to prevent crime and foster a safer within the community. Burwood Council has an ongoing commitment together with neighbouring Council Canada Bay to reduce alcohol related harm and anti-social behaviour.

The Accord is an effective tool in strengthening partnerships between licensees, Police, Department of Health, NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing & local and state government to enhance perceptions of community safety and aid licensing enforcement.

About the Burwood/Canada Bay Liquor Accord

The Burwood/Canada Bay Liquor Accord is an agreement between local licensees, Police, Council, Department of Health, NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing and other community stakeholders to help prevent and reduce alcohol related harm within Burwood and Canada Bay communities.

Community Safety Audits

Council regularly conducts Community Safety Audits in the Burwood LGA, in an effort to improve public safety and amenity. The Audits provide an opportunity for Council Officers and community to assess potential safety hazards and areas likely to stimulate fear and criminal opportunity.

Safety Brochures

Council produces a number of safety brochures on a range of topics including Child Safety, Seniors Safety, Home Safety, Car Safety, Financial Safety and Personal Safety. You can download the brochures by clicking on the links below.

Safety Workshops

Council regularly conducts Safety Workshops for various community groups in a variety of community languages. Contact Council's Youth and Community Safety Officer on 9911 9911 for more information.

Burwood Council City Safe Program

About the Burwood LGA

Crime statistics reveal that certain areas within the Burwood LGA experience higher rates of crime than others with the majority of reported offences occurring in outdoor/public spaces.

Burwood CCTV system as part of the City Safe Program has been installed in identified crime hotspot areas to help assist NSW Police in detecting, preventing and prosecuting those who commit serious offences.

Camera Locations

Information obtained from extensive consultation with Burwood Police has indicted that peak times for robberies to occur are late at night or in the early hours of the morning, with crime ‘hotspot’ areas identified as Burwood Park and surrounding areas, Burwood Station and Burwood Road. Using these crime 'hotspots' as a guide, Burwood Council has worked closely with Police to determine appropriate locations for the cameras.

Camera's are only placed in locations where public domain areas can be viewed.

Privacy and Protection

City Safe Program views privacy and protection of residents, businesses and visitors to Burwood very seriously and ensures that camera's are only operated under a stringent set of guidelines, policies and procedures. Please see Burwood Council Policies section for more details.

Only authorised officers are allowed to view recorded material and are bounded by a strict code of practice/conduct. Operating procedures are audited bi-annually in order to maintain high security control measures.

As a result of the City Safe Program City Safe Officers have regular communications with the Burwood Local Area Command resulting in strong professional relationships being made between Burwood Police and Council in order to work collaboratively in achieving effective crime prevention initiatives.

"Council is committed to working with the community to continue to drive down crime and achieve a safer LGA for residents" (Burwood Council Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan 2007-2010). 

Burwood Local Government Area Alcohol Prohibited Areas 

Responding to requests from residents and Police, Burwood Council has established Alcohol Prohibited Areas (APAs) in Burwood Park, Woodstock, and Martin reserve.

Council has looked at options available for dealing with behavioural changes associated with the excessive consumption of alcohol, these changes can lead to vandalism and violence. Alcohol Prohibited Areas aim to reduce alcohol-related crime and anti-social behaviour in identified locations in order to help create a safer environment for the Burwood community.

It is an offence to drink alcohol in any park or reserve where an Alcohol Prohibited Area exists within the designated time frame of 9pm- 8am, 7 days a week.

Alcohol Prohibited Areas only apply to parks and reserves where indicated by signage. Alcohol Prohibited Areas do not apply to streets or footpaths.

Alcohol Prohibited Areas are enforceable by NSW Police. Contact the closest local police station to report any breaches.

Police Stations in the Burwood Local Area Command

Belmore Street
Phone: 02 9745 8499
Fax: 02 9745 8411
Open 24 hours

Five Dock
14 Garfield Street
Phone: 02 8753 3599
Fax: 02 8753 3503

Community Safety
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