Home Library Service


This service is available to residents in our service areas who are permanently or temporarily housebound. That is, those persons who are unable to visit the library themselves due to age, illness or incapacity.


How to Join

Simply contact the Home Library Service officer to make an appointment for a home visit. You will need to fill out and return a referral form signed by a professional person such as a doctor, minister or home care worker. This form will be given to you on the first visit.


Service Provided


The Library Officer first calls to ascertain the types of books and material required and then selects items based upon these preferences.

Most of the resources of the library are available for borrowing. The items are delivered on a regular day, once every three (3) weeks.

This service is free of charge.


Further Enquiries


If you or anyone you know would like more information about this service, please contact the Home Library Service Officer on (02) 9911-9999.