Council Elections 2021

The Mayor and councillors of Burwood Council will now be elected on 4 December 2021

The local government elections had already been postponed once and were scheduled for 4 September 2021. Due to ongoing public health concerns during the Covid-19 pandemic, the elections have now been further postponed to December.  FAQs about the postponement are available. 

Voting is compulsory for people who are enrolled to vote in the Burwood local government area.

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Eligibility to Vote

You can make sure that your personal enrolment details are up to date by using the checking tool on the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) website.  The AEC provides details of enrolments to state and local government authorities for their elections as well as providing this service to the Australian Government.

Alternatively, you or an organisation that you are associated with may be eligible to be included on a non-residential roll.  There are two types of these rolls:

  • The roll of non-resident owners of rateable land
  • The roll of occupiers and rate-paying lessees

Becoming a Councillor

If you are passionate about what happens in the Burwood local government area, perhaps you should consider becoming a councillor.  It is a wonderful opportunity to represent the community and make an important difference to its citizens.  Helpful information on becoming a councillor can be found on the NSW Office of Local Government website.

Information from the NSW Electoral Commission for potential candidates

The NSW Electoral Commission website includes information for prospective candidates. The Commission is in the process of updating the information to reflect the postponement of the election to 4 December 2021 and the impact that has had on timelines.  Information to look out for includes: 

Local Burwood information for potential candidates

Burwood Council held a briefing via Zoom for potential candidates on Wednesday 30 June 2021 called Thinking of becoming a councillor?  A recording of the briefing is shared below, together with the slides and notes.

Please note this briefing was delivered when the election was scheduled to be held on 4 September 2021. Now that it has been further postponed to 4 December 2021, any reference in the presentation to key dates will no longer be accurate. However, the substance of the information about what is required to be a Burwood Councillor is still relevant.



More Information

The NSW Electoral Commission website is regularly updated with news about the local government elections.  You can check it for background on how the elections are run, key dates, information on results and subscribe to election reminders. 
2021 NSW Local Government elections page.

Monday 25 October 2021 Lodgement of candidate nominations open

6pm: Close of residential and non-residential rolls for the purposes of being a candidate, nominator and roll printing
Tuesday 26 October 2021 Postal voting applications open 
Wednesday 3 November 2021

12pm: Close of candidate nominations 

Registration of electoral materials commences

Thursday 4 November 2021  10am: Conduct of ballot draw
Friday 5 November 2021 Caretaker period commences
Monday 22 November 2021 Pre-poll voting period opens
Friday 26 November 2021 5pm: Close of registration of electoral material

Close of registration for third-party campaigners
Saturday 27 November 2021 Declared institution voting commences 
Monday 29 November 2021 5pm: Close of postal vote applications
Friday 3 December 2021

6pm: Close of pre-poll voting period

6pm: Declared institution voting closes

Saturday 4 December 2021 Election Day 8am - 6pm

Close of capped expenditure period
Friday 17 December 2021 6pm: Close of postal votes