Unrestricted and 2P Prime Parking

Find unrestricted parking

Unrestricted parking is available around the Burwood, Strathfield and Croydon town centres.

Unrestricted parking areas allow workers and commuters to park their vehicle all day without the need to congest local streets.

The map below shows the location of unrestricted and restricted/timed on-street parking areas in the Burwood Local Council Area.


2P Prime Parking Permit

Each household in Burwood Council is entitled to one 2P Prime Parking permit. This permit allows you to park in the following car parks for two hours free each day without paying:

  • George Street Car Park
  • Wynne Ave Car Park
  • Library & Community Hub Car Park
  • Elizabeth Street Car Park
  • Parnell Street Car Park
  • Meryla Street Car Park

The 2P Prime Parking permit is only valid in car parks, and not for on-street parking.

All residential rate paying residents received their replacement 2P Prime parking permits with their annual rates notice last year.

Any non-rate paying residents who had previously applied for and received a 2P Prime Parking permit are required to ensure they reapply for their permit prior to its expiry date in order to receive a new valid permit.

Please see terms and conditions on the use of the 2P Prime Parking permit which can be found within the Policy



What Is It?
The 2P Prime Parking permit is an initiative from Burwood Council that aims to promote residents shopping in their local area by providing concession parking

Who Can Apply?
The 2P Prime Parking permit is available to all residential properties that pay Council rates within the Burwood Local Government Area (LGA).

What Will You Get?
You will receive a new 2P Prime Parking permit sticker that you will be required to affix to your front windshield, clearly visible and unobstructed.

How Can I Use It?
Vehicles displaying a valid 2P Prime Parking permit will be allowed 2 hours free parking each day in Council’s metered car parks in the Burwood and Strathfield Town Centres. The 2 hour period begins when you park your vehicle and must be used in one continuous block.

If you think you will need to park longer then 2 hours, it is suggested that you purchase a parking ticket for the full required time.

How Many Can I Apply For?
One 2P Prime Parking permit is available to each rateable residency. You will be required to nominate one vehicle from the residency and provide a registration that will be linked to your permit. The permit is not transferable to other vehicles.

How Do I Get One?
Simply fill out the attached form, download an application form from Council’s website, or obtain one from Council’s Customer Service section at Council Chambers.

Return the form in person and collect your permit instantly, or send in your form and your permit will be posted out to you.

Where Can I Use It?

The 2P Prime Parking permit can be used within any of Council’s metered car parks.

Council’s metered car parks include George Street, Elizabeth Street, Library (Conder Street), Wynne Avenue and Meryla Street in Burwood and Parnell Street in Strathfield. 

How Much Does It Cost?
One 2P Prime Parking permit is available “free of charge” to each rateable residency each year. 

What if I Lose My Permit or Change my Vehicle Registration?
A new 2P Prime Parking permit can be requested for a fee (*exemptions may apply)