Residential Parking

Residents and their visitors can park in areas that are sign posted Permit Holders Excepted without time restrictions.

Apply for a parking permit

Under the Permit Parking Scheme, each eligible household is entitled to:

  • One residential permit
  • One visitor’s permit
  • An option to apply for an additional residential permit with good reason, this will be assessed on a case by case basis

Apply for an additional permit

No off-street parking?

Households with no off-street parking are entitled to:

  • Two residential permits.
  • One visitor’s permit.

There are 19 different parking areas across Burwood Council, so once get your permit please park in the area that corresponds with your permit.

All areas expire at different times, so be mindful of your permit’s expiry for renewal. 

The map below shows the different resident parking scheme areas in Burwood.

Apply for road marking lines identifying the boundaries of your driveway (Delineation Lines). This helps to eliminate the possibility of cars obstructing the entrance.

Driveway delineation lines (lines perpendicular to driveway) are installed 0.5 meters from your driveway wing to differentiate the beginning and end of your vehicular crossing to help deter motorists from parking too close or across your driveway. (Please allow at least six weeks for completion)

Note that driveway delineation lines have no legal standing, meaning they cannot be enforced and are only used to highlight the presence of an access way.

If you witness a specific incident of a vehicle which is blocking access or egress from your property, please contact Council Community Safety Team on 9911 9911.

Application Form



Area Expiry Month 
 1 February
 2 February
 3 March
 4 March
 5  April
 6  April
 7  May
 8  June
 9  July
 10  July
 11  August
 12  September
 13  September
 14  October
 15  October
 16  August
 17  November
 18  August
 19  November