Burwood Citizens of the Year 2022


Burwood Council invites your nominations of the 2022 Local Citizen of the Year Awards.

If you know someone who makes a real difference in our community, nominate and give them the opportunity to be rewarded and recognised for their important contribution.

The nominee must have contributed significantly to the Burwood local community in any field. The contribution will demonstrate an active concern for the rights, welfare, well-being and/or the advancement of others. Such a contribution could have been made to the general community, community groups, or individuals within the community. A person may be considered who has displayed an act of compassion, generosity or bravery.

Nominations are open for:

  • Citizen of the Year (26+)
  • Young Citizen of the Year (16-25)


Nomination Guide

  1. Any individual who has made a noteworthy contribution to Burwood Council Local Government Area (LGA) during the current year and/or given outstanding service to the local community over a number of years shall be eligible
  2. Only nominations submitted on the approved nomination form or via the online web form will be accepted
  3. Nominees must be Australian citizens and residents of the Burwood Council LGA at the time of nomination, although particularly outstanding and significant contributions to the municipality by a non-resident will be considered if received
  4. Nominations may be submitted by an individual or an organisation
  5. Young Citizen of the Year must be between 16 and 25 years of age as at 26 January 2022
  6. The minimum age for the Local Citizen of the Year Awards is 16 years on 26 January 2022.
  7. A person cannot receive a second award in the same Awards category, but can be considered for recognition in a separate category in following years e.g. Young Citizen of the Year and then Citizen of the Year.
  8. Unsuccessful nominees can be re-nominated in following years
  9. Persons cannot nominate themselves
  10. Current staff and Councillors cannot be nominated for an award
  11. Supporting written material and copies of other documents may be attached to the nomination form if desired
  12. Nomination information in relation to winners may be used for publicity purposes
  13. A panel will judge the nominations and recipients will be notified with information on how they will receive their award in due course.