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Drawing credit: Denis Magoffin

For adults

What to watch

  • Rhino Season, directed by Fasle Kargadan, available on Beamafilm
    Based on the diaries of Kurdish-Iranian poet Sadegh Kamangar, Rhino Season tells the story of the Kurdish-Iranian poet Sahel (Behrouz Vossoughi), who journeys through Turkey to find his wife Mina (Monica Bellucci) after 30 years of separation from her as a dissident in an Iranian prison.
  • Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown S6, E7, Istanbul, available on SBS on Demand
    The world-renowned chef, bestselling author and award-winning television personality travels to Istanbul, a city with a rich heritage grappling with forces for change.

What to listen to

  • Richard Fidler, Ghost Empire, eAudiobook available on BorrowBox
    Radio presenter and writer Richard Fidler tells the tale of the extraordinary city of Constantinople, uncovered while travelling with his son Joe through Istanbul, its modern incarnation. Dramatic episodes from the city’s past are vividly brought to life along with an unfolding narrative centred around the author’s relationship with his son.

eBooks to read

  • Tony Wright, Walking the Gallipoli Peninsular, available on eLibrary 24/7 OverDrive
    Take the journey from Istanbul to Gallipoli with Tony, who first visited the peninsular with an Australian prime-minister a couple of decades ago. This moving, funny and practical book will have you walking in the footsteps of the first ANZACs as well as help you explore the many wonders of this region.
  • Stephen Fry, Troy, available on BorrowBox
    Be enticed by the mythical tale of love, fate and bloody revenge retold here by the beloved actor, presenter and writer with his signature panache. The illustrations from classical art will lure you further into this captivating, ancient world.
  • Esmahan Aykol, Divorce, Turkish style, available on Hoopla
    Kati Hirschel owns Istanbul's only mystery book store and likes to play amateur sleuth on the side. In the third novel in this series, a beautiful woman who lunches alone in the restaurant next to the bookstore is found dead in her apartment. Kati is immediately intrigued but can she convince the police that the woman’s death is not an unfortunate accident but a complex case involving eco activism, a separatist movement, a sham marriage and a suspicious mother-in-law?


  • Start learning to speak Turkish with Mango Languages
    Mango’s simple conversation exercises will have you speaking this intriguing language in no time.
  • Cook Turkish dishes
    Rebecca Seal, Istanbul: Recipes from the heart of Turkey, eBook available on eLibrary 24/7 OverDrive
    This cookbook is jam-packed with recipes that will transport you to the kitchens of Istanbul. Prepare simple meze dishes such as crunchy fennel and pomegranate salad or feast on more elaborate Ottoman-era fare such as sumac-marinated roast chicken.

For Kids

What to watch

  • Kedi, rated G, available on Beamafilm
    The purr-fect documentary to watch with the whole family. Kedi is Turkish for cat and this film explores the lives of seven of the hundreds of thousands of street cats that roam Istanbul. Directed by Ceyda Torun, it’s a loving tribute to a fascinating city and its feline soul.

eBooks to read

  • Joanna J. Robinson, Turkey, available on Hoopla
    Part of the One World, Many Countries series, this book for younger readers explores Turkey’s geography, culture, people, government, and daily life. Engaging, informative and authoritative text is accompanied by maps and full-colour photographs that will intrigue and charm.