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Bella Italia!

For Kids

What to read

  • Katrina Nannestad, The girl, the dog and the writer in Rome, available on eLibrary 24/7/Overdrive
    Ten-year-old Clementine teams up with her mother’s eccentric old friend Tobias, a bestselling crime writer, and together they stumble into a big Italian adventure.
  • Carlo Collodi, The adventures of Pinocchio, available on eLibrary 24/7/Overdrive
    The classic children’s story about a wooden puppet who is wished to life.
  • Leigh Hobbs, Mr Chicken arriva a Roma, read aloud by Scott Edgar on Storybox Library

    Join Mr Chicken (or as he's known in Rome, Signor Pollo) on his latest travelling adventure as he experiences all the cultural delights of Italy's capital city, Rome. You'll visit the magnifico historical sites of the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain and Il Colosseo, then sample the many delicioso delights of Italian cuisine from gelato to pasta alla papalina!

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For adults

What to watch

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  • Inspector Montalbano, seasons 1-6, Beamafilm

    Sicilian author Andrea Camilleri’s acclaimed novels about the titular police chief are faithfully reproduced in this RAI TV series. Filmed in Ragusa in south-east Sicily under the bright Mediterranean sun, you’ll feel you’re on holiday with Salvo, played by Luca Zingaretti, and his band of police professionals and misfits. Challenge yourself to the impossible and crack the case ahead of the inspector or just sit back and enjoy the impeccable acting and the Sicilian “gioia di vivere”.

  • Italy love it or leave it, Beamafilm

    Are you ready for a glimpse of the real Italy? With most of their friends embarking on lives in other countries, two young friends decide to give Italy one last shot before they make a decision about leaving it behind. In this documentary they tour the country in an effort to understand what has happened to Italy in recent years and find out if is still a country worth inhabiting.

  • The Name of the Rose, Beamafilm

    Umberto Eco’s classic tale of a medieval Franciscan friar with talent for solving crime and his novice side-kick is beautifully brought to life in this series. And if it inspires you to revisit the original story it’s available as an audio book on Hoopla.

    What else to listen to

  • Beloved operas such as Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Mascagni, available on Hoopla.


    What to read

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  • Elena Ferrante, The Neopolitan novels beginning with My Brilliant Friend, available on Borrowbox

    A modern classic and an international phenomenon, this series of novels begins with the story of two friends growing up in a poor Neapolitan neighbourhood.

  • Italia! available on eLibrary 24/7

    An award-winning monthly magazine in English for everyone who loves Italy. The vivid photographs in the articles on a wide range of topics from travel, holidays and property to food will have you fantasising about stepping into the pages and starting your Italian life.


  • Learn to speak Italian with Mango Languages

    Simple conversation exercises will have you speaking confidently in no time.

  • Cook an Italian meal using recipes from an eMagazine
    National Geographic Traveller, Summer 2021, available on eLibrary 24/7/Overdrive
    Dishes from all over Italy are showcased in the feature “Italy’s finest”, which includes some of Italy’s best chefs’ signature recipe