France is a destination that captures the imagination, and now that the Tour de France is close to the end we have many digital library resources to help you continue your love affair with all things French. 

Beamafilm has a great range of French films, documentaries and television series to help you escape. 

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Un Village Francais follows a French village and its inhabitants through the ups and downs of the occupation by the German army from 1940 to 1945. The village doctor is assigned as mayor, and confronted with the challenges, dilemmas and contradictory demands and situations. Seasons 1-7 are available. 

Renoir tells the forgotten story of Andrée Heuschling, also known as Catherine Hessling, who was the last model of impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir and the first actress in the films of his son, the film director Jean Renoir. 

Samba features Omar Sy, star of Lupin, as Samba Cissé (Sy), a migrant from Senegal to France, works as a dish washer in a hotel. After a bureaucratic slip-up lands him in detention, he is ordered to leave France. With the help of a businesswoman (Charlotte Gainsbourg), he fights to stay in France.

Haute Cuisine is a 2012 French comedy-drama film based on the true story of Danièle Mazet-Delpeuch and how she was appointed as the private chef for François Mitterrand.

Potiche is a 2010 French-Belgian comedy film starring Catherine Deneuve and Gérard Depardieu. Set in 1977, the film tells the story of a submissive wife who gets to run her husband's umbrella factory, after the employees rebel against their tyrannical manager. 

Fly away to Paris with an eBook from Borrowbox - there are plenty to choose from. 

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For non-fiction, Overdrive and Indyreads have a great selection of cookbooks, history and memoirs. 

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Available on Overdrive:

Interactive and inspiring, Discover France highlights all the must-see sights and must-do experiences through stunning images, insider tips, tailored itineraries and easy-to-navigate content. Discover France is the ideal tool for planning and experiencing your perfect trip.

Almost French is the story of an adventurous heart, a maddening city - and love. Put a very French Frenchman together with a strong-willed Australian girl and the result is some spectacular - and often hilarious - cultural clashes. Language is a minefield of misunderstanding and the simple act of buying a baguette is fraught with social danger.

If you've been enjoying the cycling (and scenery) on television, take journey through The Tour de France – from chequered beginnings to glory days of rivalries and derring-do, and on to the brave new post-Armstrong world. Along the way, meet the larger-than-life personalities that have characterised the race throughout its history, along with their greatest and lowest moments. 

French patisserie is world famous, and macarons, the stuff of bakers’ candy-coated dreams, have taken the world by storm. In Les Petits Macarons they are demystified for the home baker.

Available on Indyreads:

Rachel Khoo was determined to get to grips with French cooking, so to learn more she moved to Paris, not speaking a word of French, and enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu, the world-famous cookery school. From a Croque Madame muffin and the classic Boeuf bourguignon, to a deliciously fragrant Provencal lavender and lemon roast chicken, Rachel celebrates the culinary landscape of France as it is today and shows how simple these dishes are. You can download her books The Little Paris Kitchen and My Little French Kitchen from Indyreads

Practice your French:

Many of us have rusty high school French - if you'd like to challenge yourself to improve, sign up for Mango Languages. Mango's language-learning methodology gives you the confidence to go a little further down that road less traveled.