COVID-19 Testing Clinics

To help combat the spread of COVID-19 in our community it is important that we continue to get tested even with the most mildest of symptoms.

Who should get tested

  • any COVID-19 symptoms, even if only mild
  • visited a place or travelled on public transport at the same time as a confirmed COVID-19 case
  • been at an interstate COVID-19 case location during a specific time period
  • been in contact with a person (including family, friends and people you live or work with) who
    • is confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 or
    • is a close contact of someone confirmed to be infected with COVID-19

Where to get tested

Meryla Street Drive-Through and Walk-In Testing Clinic
Meryla Street Carpark Drive-Through and Walk-In Clinic is open daily from 8am – 4pm. Westfields Testing Clinic has closed.