Burwood Beats

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‘Burwood Beats’ will be showcasing a series of local artists over an 8 week period commencing 6 October 2021.  Concerts start at 6pm and can be viewed at  Burwood Council's Facebook Page or on Youtube

If are a local artist or performer and would like to be a part of ‘Burwood Beats’ please submit an EOI using the form link here


Victor is a walking encyclopedia of Latin music past and present. One of Australia’s leading world music artists, this virtuoso Mexican singer, dancer and harpist has redefined the Harp as a solo and lead instrument. Valdes’ powerful, compelling voice and passion for storytelling takes audiences on a sonorous journey through the many emotions of the Latin American musical landscape. 

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Fireglow have all the jangle, soul and groove of the 60s coupled with the attitude and edge of the 70s. Catchy melodies, soaring guitars and a swinging rhythm section come together to form a classic sound and experience of rock and roll. Fireglow welcomes you into a world where music is freedom. Music is innocence. Music is expression. Music is love. 


Shohrat is a Uyghur musician and a master Dutar player, singer and actor. He is an ambassador for his culture’s ancient music and has performed and recorded a CD in Japan and performed in China, USA, Canada and Germany. His music ranges from being one of the leading exponent of the Uyghur UNESCO preserved song cycles (12 Muqams) to writing and performing his own compositions. 


This project, initiated by Burwood Council, brings together 9 of the finest performers from the Open Academy Rising Stars program at Sydney Conservatorium. Mostly resident in Burwood, our young musicians present a musical feast that is truly inspiring not simply by virtuosity alone, but due to the many emotions that reflect our recent time of extended lockdown and the release that followed. This program has been curated by Dr Nicholas Ng (Institute for Australian and Chinese Arts and Culture) with advice from Joy Lee, Rising Stars Artistic Advisor.

Yulugi is a collaboration between leading didgeridoo player and song man Gumaroy Newman, a proud Gamilaroi and Wakka Wakka man and Keyna Wilkins, a British-Australian composer/musician. Yulugi is a dialogue across cultures, inspired by the Australian landscape and animals. The word 'Yulugi' means play, dance or have fun in Gamilaroi.

The sonic soundscapes created are a melting pot of indigenous and western sounds and textures, exploring spiritual awakening through structured improvisations. Stylistically broad, this duo will take you on a journey into the heart of Australia with dream-like sequences alongside landscape depictions and animal mimicry and echoes of tribal lores, drawing on a myriad of musical influences, to create a unique and authentic soundscape of Australia.