Dial Before You Dig


Those who damage underground pipes of cables networks may be held financially responsible by the asset owner. Minimise your risk and visit Dial Before You Dig.

When you contact Dial Before You Dig, you will be sent a Caller Confirmation listing of all Dial Before You Dig members having underground assets in the vicinity of your proposed excavation. 

Burwood Council Drainage Pipe and Pit data can be accessed by using the Interactive Online Mapping System or by viewing a Map PDF.

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Drainage Pipes and Pits

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Features of the Interactive Online Mapping System:

  • View different map layers and data.
  • Switch between different background maps including Roads and Photography.
  • Zoom in and out and pan around the maps.
  • Click on map features to view details, links and pictures. 
  • Search and find addresses and features.
  • Use the ‘Find My Nearest’ links to search for services and facilities near to an address.
  • Search for data within the map or in a shape you draw.
  • Print maps to a PDF file. 
  • Draw annotations on the map - text, points, lines and areas.

View the Online Mapping User Guide for more information.