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Under the new Companion Animals Act any dog or cat bought, sold, acquired or given away AFTER THE 1ST JULY, 1999 must be microchipped and registered for LIFE. Should a dog be currently registered with Council under the 'old' legislation, they may still be registered ANNUALLY with Council until June 30th, 2002, then, they must be registered for life under the Companion Animals Act.

Burwood Council is a responsible 'agent' for accepting and processing applications for registration of animals in NSW. Council can accept applications for registration of animals from any member of the public regardless of which 'Local Government Area' they live in. For example, if a pet owner lives in Penrith and works in Burwood, they are able to register their animal during their lunch break (for convenience sake) at Burwood Council and 'vice versa'. All applications for registration are to be filled out IN FULL and SIGNED by the ANIMAL OWNER who MUST BE OVER THE AGE OF 18. In most instances the, 'permanent identification/registration' form is used for registration purposes. As the animal MUST be microchipped BEFORE registration, a copy of the Microchip form (pink) along with a copy of the Certificate of Sterilisation (desexing) must be submitted at the time of registration. Other information may also be required such as:

  •  If the Animal Owner is a 'Registered Breeder', a copy of their membership of a 'Breeder's Club'
  •  If a 'Nuisance Animal' or 'Dangerous Animal' Order exists, a copy of that document, showing date of currency and expiry
  •  If the animal is an 'Assistance Animal' evidence of 'Assistance Animal Registration'.

The following registration fees are applicable:

  •  Entire Animal: $192.00
  •  Desexed Animal: $52.00
  •  Desexed Animal owned by a Pensioner: $21.00
  •  Animals owned by a Registered Breeder: $52.00

Requirements for Impounded Animals BEFORE you collect your animal from the Pound, you are required by law to do the following:

  •   Pay the Impounding fees
  •   Have your animal Microchipped by an authorised 'Identifier' (vet) - approx. $40.00 - (if not already 'chipped')
  •   Register your animal for life

Should you fail to comply with the above, you will be in breach of the Companion Animals Act and liable for a fine.

For further information or assistance, please contact Burwood Council's Customer Service Centre on 9911 9911 between 8.30am & 4.45pm, Monday to Friday

If you would like to download any of our Fact Sheets or Documents relating to animals relevant to the Burwood area, please scroll to the bottom of the page. For further information on any of the topics covered in the Documents, please contact Burwood Council on (02) 9911 9911

Animals Defecating in Public Area

Council works hard to keep our streets and parks as clean as possible. Council’s Law Enforcement Officers will take action against any party that is found breaching any legislative provisions especially environmental matters such as defecation offences. Please advise Council if you are aware of any dog owner allowing this practise to occur and Council’s Law Enforcement Officers will take appropriate action.


Animal Registration, Animals and Pets
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