Information for Residents- Burwood Public Parking Strategy


The Burwood Public Parking Strategy is a holistic overview of the proposed public parking concept in the Burwood Area from 2010 onwards for both on-street and public off-street parking. The Strategy is proposed to encourage parking turnover, reduce traffic and parking congestion in local streets and increase the use of Council’s off-street car parks.

With the recent adoption of the Burwood Town Centre Local Environmental Plan (LEP), it is vital that the associated increase in traffic and parking demand is addressed now rather than in the future. By effectively managing parking restrictions, Council can alleviate traffic congestion and ensure high rates of turnover of parked vehicles.

The need to encourage improved turnover of parked vehicles within the Town Centres of Burwood is necessary to provide parking conditions suitable for the implementation of the Burwood Town Centre LEP and encourage sustainable transport. By providing feasible alternatives for motorists to park within Council’s off-street car parks, the existing road network can be freed up in order to better cope with the increase in traffic volumes.

Public consultation via three workshops held with local businesses, residents and the general public helped identify areas of the DRAFT Parking Strategy which the community felt could be improved.

The Draft Parking Strategy proposed ½ hour parking in residential streets around the Burwood and Strathfield Town Centres to combat commuter and fraudulent mobility parkers. These restrictions have now been extended to 1 hour parking, which can achieve similar results to the ½ hour parking while providing residents sufficient time for visitors and guests.

Resident also felt that they should not be charged for parking permits to park within their own streets. Council Officers have reviewed the proposed fees and charges as part of the entire parking strategy and have proposed that Residential Permits be provided free for residents, with a reduced fee for Visitor Permits.

Council also received strong representations from facilities such as Aged Care Centres and Hospitals with regards to providing long term parking within a safe walking distance for shiftworkers. Where possible, the revised Parking Strategy has taken these concerns on board and provided all day parking in strategic locations.



2P Prime Parking Permits Policy - Adopted by Council 23 June 2013