Parking and Permit Parking Scheme

Burwood Council is the Parking Authority for all on-street parking within the Burwood Local Government Area (LGA). In certain areas where demand for on-street parking exceeds supply, or areas which fall under Councils Public Parking Strategy, Council has introduced restricted ‘time limited’ parking with exemptions for permit holders.

To allow residents, resident’s visitors and business operators to park their vehicles in these restricted areas without time restrictions or charge, Council has implemented a Permit Parking Scheme (PPS).

With the recent adoption of the Burwood Town Centre Local Environmental Plan (LEP), it is vital that the associated increase in traffic and parking demand is addressed now rather than in the future. By effectively managing parking restrictions, Council can alleviate traffic congestion and ensure high rates of turnover of parked vehicles.

The need to encourage improved turnover of parked vehicles within the Town Centres of Burwood is necessary to provide parking conditions suitable for the implementation of the Burwood Town Centre LEP and encourage sustainable transport. By providing feasible alternatives for motorists to park within Council’s off-street car parks, the existing road network can be freed up in order to better cope with the increase in traffic volumes.

2P Prime Parking Permits Policy - Adopted by Council 23 June 2013