Take action against vandalism and win a free Graffiti Removal Kit


Thursday, 04 May 2017 9:20AM

Graffiti divides many in the community, some say its art and some say its vandalism.  But love it or hate it, unauthorised graffiti and other forms of vandalism costs Australia $2.7 billion a year to clean up and is an expensive burden for many shop owners and residents to remove.

Burwood Council actively cleans graffiti in public places however it is up to the resident or business owner to remove graffiti from their private property. 

We're giving away 30 free Graffiti Removal Kits to local businesses who will join our fight against vandalism. 

Simply watch our guide to remove graffiti below (or here) and complete the form below.  


What do you do if your property has been vandalised?

Council does not remove graffiti from private property.

To assist you to remove graffiti you can purchase a graffiti cleaning kit that is user friendly, environmentally sustainable and cost effective.

You can purchase these kits from most hardware or paint stores.  Receive a free Graffiti Removal Kit!   Council will retain a database of businesses affected by graffiti and will update these businesses with any relevant information on the removal of graffiti.

Click here to read Terms & Conditions of redemption.