Swimming Pool Inspection


Monday, 28 November 2016 8:28AM

Burwood Council has introduced a proactive swimming pool inspection program to ensure that children can enjoy Australia's favourite pastime in a safe environment. 

Pools in NSW are required to be registered and comply with State legislation. As part of the inspection, Council will be visiting all properties with swimming pools in the LGA to ensure that residents have registered their pool and to check the pool complies with the applicable regulations. During the process, Council officers will undertake a thorough inspection of the pool and all items required to see whether the property complies with the appropriate regulations.  

Failure to have your pool registered can result in a fine of up to $220 under State law.

If you would like to register your pool and have your pool Compliance Certificate issued, please view the relevant fact sheet below and complete an application form provided below. The application fee for a swimming pool Certificate of Compliance is only $150 plus $100 for the re-inspection fee (a total of $250) and can be paid at Council's Customer Service Centre.

When was your pool installed?  

Application form

Please complete the application form below and submit it to Council at council@burwood.nsw.gov.au or in person at our Customer Service Centre.

Click here for Swimming Pool Application Form.


Payments can be made online at our Payments page or at Council's Customer Service Centre.