Local Government Elections 2017


Thursday, 04 May 2017 10:37AM

The date set for Burwood Council’s Elections is Saturday 9 September 2017 and voting is compulsory.

Residential Roll

All electors enrolled on the Commonwealth and State electoral rolls as at Monday, 31 July 2017 residing in the Burwood Local Government Area will be included on the roll for the election.

To check your enrollment details or to obtain a residential enrollment form visit www.votensw.info or call 1300 135 736.

Enrollment forms are also available from any Australian Post Office. Enrollment forms must be received by Monday, 31 July 2017 at 6pm.

Voting in the Local Government (Council) elections is compulsory for all electors included on the residential roll.

Non-residential Electoral Roll

Non-resident owners may wish to apply or be nominated to go on the Non-residential Roll providing that they are an Australian Citizen.  A non-resident owner is a person who owns land within the Council area but who resides out the area. Whether a property is in the ownership of one person, several people, a company or partnership, only one of the owners may be nominated to appear on the Non-Residential Roll.  The compilation of the Non-residential Electoral Roll is the responsibility of Burwood Council’s General Manager.  

Your application must be received by Burwood Council prior to the roll closing date of 6 pm Monday 31 July 2017 to enable you to be included on the Non-Residential Electoral Roll.  Prior to lodging the claim form, you must ensure that you have completed the relevant sections as return of the claim form for correction or completion may result in its return too late for inclusion on the roll.  Further enquiries may be made to Council’s Governance Team.  The Application Claims Forms are listed below:

Prospective Candidates

Prospective candidates and groups looking to contest the 2017 NSW Local Council Elections should familiarise themselves with the process for becoming a candidate.

Enrol to vote or update your details

Enrol to vote , or update your name or address for upcoming elections.

Further information can be obtained at the NSW Electoral Commission’s website by visiting http://www.votensw.info/nsw_local_council_elections_2017