Mayor and Councillors

Burwood Council is governed by seven Councillors, elected for a term of four years.

The role of the Councillors is to serve as the voice of the local community and make important decisions on their behalf. The leader of the Councillors is the Mayor who is elected every four years.

The decisions made by the Councillors are then carried out by the staff of Burwood Council in line with the community's needs and desires.

  1. Cr. John Faker - Mayor
    Cr. John Faker
  2. Cr George Mannah - Deputy Mayor
    Cr George Mannah
    Deputy Mayor
  3. Cr Sally Deans -
    Cr Sally Deans
  4. Cr Tony Doueihi -
    Cr Tony Doueihi
  5. Cr Lesley Furneaux-Cook -
    Cr Lesley Furneaux-Cook
  6. Cr Justin Taunton -
    Cr Justin Taunton