Compost Revolution



The average Burwood household bin consists mainly of food organics (30-40%) and garden vegetation (15-20%) where they are sent to landfill, garden and food organics are basically plant matter, containing carbon (energy), nutrients, minerals and water, all of which are cycled continually in natural ecosystems. 

Disposing food to landfill wastes the energy and nutrients contained in the produce and the energy, water and resources used to produce, process, store and transport the food. By reducing organic waste to landfill we can reduce the potential for landfills to create liquid ‘leachate’ which can pollute groundwater and reduce the production of methane gas which is a powerful greenhouse gas. 

Let’s keep food and garden organics out of landfill by starting a home compost or worm farm 

Composting and worm farming quickly break down organic matter into a rich soil fertiliser, perfect for growing your own veggies and fruit and preventing the release of methane. We strongly encourage Burwood Council residents to recycle organic matter! 

Read the tutorials and once you have successfully completed the quiz of your choice, you can purchase a discounted wormfarm or compost bin and reduce your organic matter going to landfill.

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