Name and Shame - Food Shops

The NSW Food Authority’s ‘name and shame’ website of food law breaches was launched in July of 2008. The website lists details of penalties and fines that have been issued to food shops throughout NSW for breaches of food regulations and safety standards.

The website is part of a strategy to help stop operators that may be tempted to cut corners and potentially put consumers’ health at risk.

The website gives consumers unprecedented access to information about breaches of food safety law including penalties issued, so they can choose where to eat.

Overall, the food sector’s compliance with food safety requirements is very good, with the vast majority of Burwood Council’s food businesses taking their food safety responsibilities very seriously.

Burwood Council has a rigorous and ongoing inspection program for food shops which provides both an educative and enforcement role to food shop operators. Every effort is made to ensure that food shops in the Burwood Local Government meet the highest standards so that patrons can be confident about their dining out experience.

The name and shame website is at: