Burwood Council acknowledges that water is a scarce resource that must be carefully managed on a catchment basis, in partnership with other levels of government, and in consultation with the community and essential stakeholders.

Further, to maintain precious water resources for sustained use and the protection of aquatic ecosystems, Burwood Council supports:

  • The setting of realistic water quality and river flow objectives; and
  • The development of innovative, cost effective water collection, recycling and reuse schemes as identified in Burwood Council’s Water Savings Action Plan.

Burwood Council believes that adequate management and resourcing of State Government backlog programs, to address sewerage overflows and stormwater management, is essential due to:

  • High priority public health issues;
  • Significant government environmental concerns; and
  • Issues whose improvement benefits the whole community.

The Sydney Water Corporation should undertake this commitment, as a minimum, to customers within their catchment.

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