BLPP Meetings

When are BLPP Meetings held?

BLPP meeting are held every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6.00pm in the Council Administration Building Suite 1, Level 2 Elsie Street, Burwood.

BLPP Agenda and Minutes

The Agenda and Minutes (including recordings) are published below in accordance with the requirements of the IHAP Code of Meeting Practice.

BLPP Meeting Schedule 2018

Meeting Date                                              

Declarations of Interest

(Effective from 13/11/18)

 10 April 2018 View View  
 8 May 2018
View View  
 12 June 2018
 10 July 2018
View View  
 14 August 2018
 11 September 2018
View     View  
9 October 2018

 13 November 2018
     View     View                    View
 4 December 2018*
View     View                    View

*first Tuesday of the month as the Council Meeting is scheduled on 11 December 2018


Audio Recordings of Meetings


This recording has been edited with the removal of the deliberation section of the meeting by the Burwood Local Planning Panel on each Agenda Item only, as deliberations are confidential and conducted in closed session.


There may be situations where, due to technical difficulties beyond Council’s control a recording may not be available. Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure the availability of the recordings of each BLPP Meeting.



Guidelines for the BLPP

The BLPP is required to conduct its meetings in accordance with the IHAP Code of Meeting Practice. It is also bound its own Code of Conduct and operational procedures. The guidelines have been approved by a Ministerial Order.